I.C.M.International Ltd. is the No. 1 producer of Hotel Guest Amenities all over China, as well as all over the  world. In addition to this line, there are two more lines: Paper Cups, Non Woven Items.  The high quality of our items, and our most competitive prices, are those, which put us in this position. The company is producing by our own 11 factories, and by our own raw material factories.  The raw material with  our lowest cost of labor provides us the possibility to offer the most competitive prices among producers all over China, as well as all over the world.
For example, the Polyethylene for the shower caps and for the base material for the soaps or for the wooden items.
The company has also designed copy for Italian, German and Japanese machines that have given us the possibility to produce in a very high quality of production.With our own printing house, The Company has the ability of producing all kinds of printed packing in a very high quality.

The company can produce all the hotel guest amenities by our own factories that are based in:       Shenyang,Hankou, Ningbo, Tianjin, Ningbo , Guangzhou ,Dalian , Yangzhou , Shanghai, Hangzhou   Xiantao

The company produce the following items:

  • All kinds of hotel soaps, all kinds of hotel baby bottles (with/without liquid), shower, tooth paste, disposable razors, shaving cream, nail files, shoe horn, shoe shine, caps, sewing kits in carton and in plastic boxes, tooth brushes cotton balls, cotton buds, vanity sets, hangers, loofa pads, plastic glasses, slippers, bathrobes, matches, pens, pencils, stirrings, treys, paper articles , tissue boxes, etc
  • Many other items according to the customer’s requests.

  Our warehouses are located in Europe   . In case you are interested,Please kindly write us some details about your company and let us know which items you are supplying and in which of them you are interested.      The company can assure you that on a very short time you will enlarge your sales and the profits.

Best regards,

I.C.M.International Ltd

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